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Custom Digital Designs

Welcome to our Digital Boutique! We love to make
custom party invitations and party signs!
Anything you can think of...we can make it!
We know parties can (most of the time) be very overwhelming;
especially the invitation.
Our shop offers lots of designs/themes/characters/styles
that are completely customizable! If you do not see that special
theme would are looking for in our shop, send us a message.
We would love to work with you on creating that one-of-a-kind design!

*Purchase the listing and complete checkout.
-Size 4x5", 5x7", custom size
-Invite only, Invite & Thank You Card, Invite and Chalkboard Sign
*Email us with the following information:
-Date of event:
-Address (and name of venue)
-RSVP information:
-Additional information (ex: pool party, sleep over, clothing/shoe size...etc)
-Photo-Email high resolution photo to info [!at] (if the design does not have one and would like to add it, please also let me know)

Chalkboard Information
-What they want to be when they grow up:
-I am: (3 to 5 words that describes them)
-Height (inches for babies and feet for toddlers)
-Number of teeth (babies)
-First words: (babies)
-I Love: (3 to 5 things/people they love)
-Favorite things to do: (5 to 10 favorite things, places)
-Favorite food: (3 to 5)
-Favorite Game:
-Favorite movie:
-Favorite TV show:
-Favorite song:
-Favorite book:
-Favorite color:
-Best friend:
-Activities they are in:
Etc...anything else you would like to add (spaces permitting)
*3 to 4 colors for fonts (accent colors)

Please DOUBLE CHECK your spelling and punctuation. Please be sure and submit the wording exactly as you would like it to view in the invitation.

Within 24-48 hours or less, we will send the final high resolution design to the email address on file. If all the information looks correct and perfect, you can download it and have them printed, emailed, posted on social media, text, etc...

*IMPORTANT - Some print shops require a "Bleed Margin" on the design printed. Please check with the store/company and let us know the size margin required.


Please note that you are paying for a creative service and the time spent designing and personalizing your item with personal information and/or photos, which is permitted for one-time PERSONAL USE. This item is not a licensed product; all character images used are free and not being sold. We DO NOT SELL or claim ownership over the character clipart or graphics; they belong to their respective copyright holders.

It is very important to note that copyright restrictions on the Characters only permit graphics to be used for one time personal use such as birthday parties. Not all photo labs are aware of this policy and if you have issues with a photo lab refusing to print for you, please try another local photo lab or print at home yourself. You are responsible for the printing of your invitation. I do not provide a copyright release, so make sure the company that you use for printing doesn't need one. No refunds will be given for printing issues.
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